Jen Nuttall

Tell us a little about yourself...

Hi, I’m Jen. I own a bike shop in the South Lakes with my partner. I’m a British Cycling MTB Guide and love taking women out for adventures on their bikes. I’m a part time lawyer, mum to two amazing boys and amongst all this try to fit in as many adventures as possible. I ski, snowboard, ski tour, ride bikes, hike, SUP, wild swim, dabble in climbing and I’ve just started fell running. Basically, if a sport can take me into the mountains then I’m in! The mountains are where I feel most at home. Most comfortable and most at peace.

When did your passion for adventure / the outdoors begin?

I give thanks everyday for such amazing parents who introduced me to the outdoors from day one. They took me hiking in a backpack before I could walk, they taught me how to ski aged 2 and during my childhood we spent most weekends in the hills. I must admit to hiding under the bed on some Sundays with my sister, hoping they would forget us so we wouldn’t have to go out into the pouring rain wearing bright orange waterproofs. But they didn’t and the familiarity of being outside and having adventures whatever the weather, was firmly ingrained in me. Certain life events have meant I’ve spent periods away from the outdoors, but in the last 8 years being able to access the outdoors has meant everything to me.

What has been your biggest challenge to date?

This would have to be the time spent during an abusive relationship and the challenge of repairing the devastation that it caused my mind and body. Rebuilding my mental health has relied heavily on accessing and immersing myself in the outdoors. I give thanks daily for what I am able to do, however amongst various other issues I have a chronic UTI which has been flaring for the last 7 years. This means I live in a perpetual see saw. On the one hand I have the desire to have adventures outside, be a mountain bike leader and take ladies on rides and on the other hand, the physical inability to do so. But it’s a challenge I am determined to overcome. I will then replace this paragraph with my biggest challenge being an Enduro World Series MTB race or the Cape Wrath Ultra! It’s not long now, I can see it on the horizon.

What core value do you try to apply in your outdoor endeavours?

The core value would have to be respect. Respect for the environment surrounding you. Whether that is for the weather, the terrain, your abilities and those who are with you, litter and damage to the environment you visit. Always look out for those around you, leave no trace. Try to remember every moment; each one is priceless.

What three words do you associate with being outdoors?

Freedom, passion and connection.

What does the WWW community mean to you?

I give thanks everyday that I part of such an inspiring community. I also still can’t quite believe that I am part of the Team and continue to be honoured to be so. The adventures and achievements, regardless of how big or small, undertaken by the whole community constantly amaze me and inspire me to get out and do more. It is inspiring. It is collective and whatever you want to try, there is usually someone crazy enough out there to join you! I love the team, I love the contributors, I love the global community. You bring me joy and make me smile on a daily basis. You remind me that anything is possible and to grasp every moment with all my heart.

Outdoor Credentials :

British Cycling MTB Level 2

Canadian Association of Ski Instructors – Ski Instructor

Outdoor First Aid qualified

Cytec Level 1

Cycling UK’s top 100 Inspirational Women 2018