Jen Nuttall

  • Mountain bike guide
  • Bike Shop Owner
  • Bad ass Mum Warrior


Hi, I’m Jen

Growing up in the Lake District and having amazing parents meant that I’ve been on adventures since before I could walk.

I’ve hiked, biked and skied the fells in the Lakes all my life.

At the age of 13 I was the youngest person (that I know of!) to have skied Helvellyn having hiked up to the Lake District Ski Club tow on Raise since the age of 5.

I spent my 20’s travelling and at uni before qualifying as a lawyer, lucky to find work in the lakes.

My 30’s however took a different turn. I spent 6 years in an abusive relationship. When I finally managed to escape my soul was shattered into tiny pieces, I realised only one thing could put them back together again; the mountains.

I threw myself back into hiking and MTB. This in turn brought new challenges, and continues to do so as I will my body to keep up with my plans! The earlier stress took its toll and my body is not what it used to be. But determined as ever, I started enduro racing and seeking as many adventures as I could get away with in between the school run! MTB helped me enormously regain my sense of self, for me it’s a meditation, a sense of freedom and of letting go. It has helped to empower me to start
a new life and introduced me to many wonderful likeminded friends. I now own a bike shop in South Lakes with my partner.

My passion ever since has been to encourage and facilitate other women to access the sport. I wish I’d had a community like WWW in my darkest times showing me that anything is possible.

I am now an MTB guide and have been leading ladies rides for the last few years hoping to enable women to have more access to the mountains and to the strength that comes from spending time in the outdoors.

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