Vicki McCreadie

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Hi I’m Vicki! I grew up in Wiltshire, lived and studied on the south coast of England , I did a little bit of travelling and then ended up making the lake District my beautiful, permanent home! I love to be outside with whoever I can drag out or whoever has dragged me out! And believe me sometimes I do have to drag myself out, but always end up reaping the benefits. No matter the hesitations/excuses or responsibilities, it is always better once you have got up and gone out. My own little mantra…get outside it helps! I‘ve always been extremely passionate about sharing outdoor activities with others and made it my career to do so. There is nothing better than supporting someone to achieve what they thought they couldn’t . Outside of work I love to walk, bike, ski, climb and swim. I have always loved being in or near water, so anything involving that is also where you will find me, shortly followed by Louie my dog.

When did your passion for adventure / the outdoors begin?

I think from a fairly young age, although my parents still haunt me with stories of throwing tantrums on mountains and hating walking up them…..ironically I am now taking others on those very walks.

I think my real passion was ignited in college, after a year of sixth form and the wrong subjects I went on to study outdoor education at Wiltshire college. This swiftly led me on to discovering more of the world and along with it some of those sports and activities that are not necessarily on everyone’s doorstep.

What has been your biggest challenge to date?

Hmmm I think my biggest challenge to date was to start believing in myself when others didn’t….. which led on to……

I am not a regular at endurance or big achievements, but I suppose I have still set myself a few.

In 2017 I completed the Fred Whitton challenge. Only two years before, I remember sitting at dinner with a bunch of friends, telling them, I’d never get on a road bike, they just weren’t made for people like me (curvy).

Incredible where the right friend and the right attitude can take you. I decided to do it, just because I wondered if I could. An emotional highlight, was reaching the top of whinlatter to the road lined with a fan club and my mum with a scotch egg.

I completed Buttermere triathlon the year after and swam the Length of Coniston the summer after that.

I suppose one of my biggest challenges was taking myself up my first 4000m peak. I chose Gran Paradiso, the tallest mountain in Italy. I never thought that I would achieve that and there are plenty of people that I think had the same opinion. There is nothing better than working towards something like that, something where your relying completely on your self in a challenging environment. I was so happy I did it. Il never forget that feeling on the top.

What core value do you try to apply in your outdoor endeavours?

Passing it forward, I wouldn’t be who I am if those who taught/trained me and showed me the way hadn’t spent their time doing so. So now its my turn to pass it forward however I can.

Leaving no trace but basking in the beauty.

What three words do you associate with being outdoors?

Freedom, Fun and reward

What does the Wonderful Wild Women Community mean to you?

When Sarah asked me to be part of the team, I was over the moon. I am so passionate about sharing the outdoors. To be able to diversify even more and become part of such a great local community, felt amazing. To stand alongside authentic, passionate and incredibly kind women helping to create opportunities for others to feel supported and inspired, really is something special.
It just means exactly what it says, a community. One in which builds each other up, offers opportunity and thrives of new friendships. It’s exactly that, to me and all that have experienced it and I just want to help it continue to go from strength to strength.


Outdoor Credentials :

Mountain Leader

Outdoor First Aid qualified

Single Pitch Award (Climbing Instructor)

Powerboat Instructor

Dinghy Instructor

Keel-boat Instructor

Windsurf Instructor

Paddle sports Instructor

Dragon Boat Helm