Emma Ennis

Magical!!!!! …….. Dow Crag ….. What a place! Life-altering some might say! Rewind almost thirteen years and there i stand, a city girl completely blown away by what I was seeing!

In one walk everything I thought I knew about myself was turned on it’s head, I no longer craved the hustle and bustle of London life, instead all I needed was the magic of the mountains! London was over for me and in only a few short months I had packed up and moved to where my heart wanted to be.

There are so many aspects to the great outdoors that appeal to me. The obvious one of course is the beauty of it all, even on a dull day there is always something to marvel at and be appreciative of.

Being in the Fell’s has always given me a kind of calm and perspective. I’ve struggled with mental health since a very young age (as I know many have) and sad to admit the last few years it has gotten the better of me, stepping out of my own front door has been impossible at times but when I have managed to force myself out of the door pushing myself physically to get there reminds me
just how good it feels to be alive and to never stop viewing the world with a childlike wonder! And that brings me to my biggest inspiration!!!…. Finnley Casper Ennis! My love and my life! I know everyone thinks their Own child is a legend but in this case I promise you it’s true!

Being in the wild and world with this amazing human is something else! It opens up the whole thing to magic! No matter how tough a climb, it feels like an absolute breeze when you spend your whole time in search of Dragons and Fairies! It switches it from being a ride or a hike to a real adventure with our imaginations leading the way! It is completely elating to shut off your adult brain and embrace your inner child! And for that I owe my son everything, I will forever be the one looking for the magic and humming a tune as I go ….