Fantastic Female Adventurers

By Lily Dyu

Fantastic Female Adventurers is a collection of fourteen exciting and inspirational stories about the women that do.

Beautifully illustrated by artist and adventurer Chellie Carroll

 Aimed at children aged 8 and over we passed a copy on to Wonderful Wildling Molly, aged 10, to have a read & let us know what she thought…

What did you enjoy most about the book?

I enjoyed finding out about all the different people, countries and animals they saw and met. I think there was a good mix of different types of adventures and stories which would be inspring to a lot of children.


Did you have a favourite story or stories? and what did you like about it?

Beth French swimming the worlds oceans because she was brave to keep swimming even though she knew there was a shark.

Ann Daniels skiing to the north pole it was inspiring because I am learning to ski. It was interesting to hear about the crazy weather and conditions of the north pole.

Emma Timmis traveling across Australia on a stand-up bike because I like to ride my bike.


Was there a female adventurer who you thought sounded most like you?

Mira Rai because she is good at sports, determined and loves adventures.

If you were to plan an adventure which adventurer from the book would you ask to go with you and why?

Beth French because she’s my favourite. She’s my favourite because she was doing it for her son and she didn’t finish even though she was really close to the end because her son was missing her and she put him first. I think she would be a good adventure buddy because I think she would know when she had had enough and would do an adventure for the right reasons, to enjoy it and not just to complete it.


What three positive words would you use to describe the book?

Adventurous, exiting and fascinating.


Are there any other female adventurers you think should be included in the next book (if there was one!)?

Gertrude Ederle, Amelia Earhart and Sacagawea.





Thank you to Vertebrate Publishing