I think water has been always part of my life but there was a time I completely forgot about it. As a kid I’d spend all summer holiday in our local Lido in Prague and when I grew up I forgot how much I loved spending time in water. During my university I used to go swimming but nothing in outdoors, until a friend introduced me to the Lake in 2014 and I really enjoyed it. It reminded me the happy child swims in cold river, when we went camping and no-one would dare to go in water. I loved the cold water.

My brain is quite busy with projects and ideas I like to work on. I find it hard to switch off. But when I’m in outdoor water it gives me a peace and my brain goes to shut down mode. I love floating in water and watching the sky and birds flying around. The water submerges my ears and gives my head a peace.

When I first started to swim in the outdoors I had to do it slowly because I was slightly afraid of my own imagination. Yes I’m taking about Jaws…I had to face my “Tarn Sharks” but I got there eventually. Sometimes it still creeps up on me though. You never know if there is a mad scientist out there.

My second barrier was pregnancy. I didn’t feel comfortable swimming in freezing water so I didn’t and it made me quite depressed. Especially thanks to instagram because outdoor swimming is the “thing to do” so I had to quit it for a while. It took me quite sometime to set my priorities.

I think after having our baby boy my body changed and so did my relationship with water. The way my body reacted was different. I loved the nippy feel around my core and thighs, the none existent feel below my belly button. I no longer had the desire to swim I was just happy to stand in cold water and take everything in.

In future I would like to build up my endurance swimming and swim a long distance again. Swimming the length of Coniston without a wetsuit felt like such an achievement that I would like to do something similar.