I’ve always been a water baby, I’ve always loved being in it, on it or near it. Only in my adult years have I realised it’s total power. Being near, on or in water is natural for me, even in those choppy times or fast flows. Some how I enjoy all the states that water has. I just love the water! You are weightless, able to float, fly across it in different crafts, go deep below it and find another extraordinary world. You can travel long distances along different waterways and you can view the most beautiful parts of the world from the water looking up, that’s when you realise you are just one little dot in comparison to all that surrounds you!

Basically I LOVE THE WATER! So much so that a dear friend once referred to me as a “sea slug” the first water species that came to her, when discussing my love for the water and past life animals….. I think a dolphin or even a seal (I like those) may have been more complimentary…. but hey sometimes you have to laugh and yes she is still me friend….. as long as she promised never to link me to a sea slug again! You know who you are!

Being outside is a huge part of my life. I’ve worked in the outdoor industry for over ten years and found a huge love for outdoor activities at an early age.

Growing up in Wiltshire it was fairly flat, I didn’t recognise it openly at the time and it was mixed up inbetween all aspects of growing up, but now I can reflect and say that I knew somewhere in me, subconsciously, back then at High school, that city life wasn’t my calling. I knew that freedom and the outdoors was way more appealing, forgiving, welcoming, compassionate and mostly soul satisfying!!!!

It didn’t take long for me to reap the reward of following my instinct. I found my tribe and in my mid twenties I grew A LOT! Then I just wanted to share this with others. Help them to reap the rewards that I had and I felt that the earlier they could get out there, like me, the earlier they would find there own instinct. I get so much satisfaction from taking children and adults into the outdoors. A place where everyone can just be themselves and achieve greatness in a huge host of ways. I’ve never strived to be the best at something, I’ve just strived to be able to show others how. To be out there with others and not judge, allow them to explore and grow in their own way.

When I first moved to the lakes, I was still so unsure of myself. I met so many great people and soon I was asked out on adventures. I remember sometimes (most of the time) I’d politely decline, unbeknown to that invitee, it was because I thought I wasn’t good enough, I didn’t want to hold them back, slow them down or not have the technical ability to contribute. I’d say no……… something I now tell others to avoid doing …. EVER! If they ask they have assessed and they probably want you there.

I started saying yes after really meeting my friends. Kendal has blessed me with 100’s of brilliant friends! Friends in which have created environments for me to strive in, but also friends that have allowed for me to lead the way by just rating my ability from the get go. I am so grateful for those friends!
I started saying yes and my world changed. I was out there on the summits at sunrise, I was climbing on the ice, I was skiing the steepest parts of Helvellyn on two bites of brie after a heavy night at KMF (thanks jack)! I was completing the Fred Whitton, taking part in my first triathlon, swimming the length of coniston, walking my dog in beautiful places, bobbing along to bouy13, jumping on my mtb.

I am doing these things now, that little girl from Wiltshire who didn’t know that an ordinary person could definitely go stand on a 4000m peak without paying a guide, If she just taught herself properly and worked for it. That girl who didn’t know you don’t have to be a pro to walk your bike up a mountain, you don’t have to be anything ….. you just have to be you and say yes!! Say yes!!! Go find your people, go outside, it makes everything better!!! It’s not a table performance qualification , you can’t rate it on a cv, but it is where you will learn the most …… especially about you!!